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Leeds City Museum Bengal Tiger

Welcome to the new website for Leeds Museum Online. The mission of this website is to showcase a small sample of what visitors to the Leeds City Museum can expect to see and do. Naturally we have not been able to list every item on display in the museum, we just want to give you a taste of what is on offer and hopefully encourage you to make a real visit if you can. We realise that not everyone can make a visit and therefore we hope you enjoy browsing our web pages and enjoy your virtual visit.

The museum offers an exciting and educational fun day out for visitors of all ages. There are even costumes for children to try on, play areas, plus many of the items are designed and displayed with touching in mind.

The museum was officially opened in September 2008 and replaces the old museum. Many of the famous objects from the old Leeds City Museum are on display, including the famous Leeds Tiger, fossils, lots of artwork and much about the history of Leeds.

There's also lots of news things to do and see, the new museum is much more spacious and many of the displays are exhibited in bright glass cases, with all around view-ability and excellent lighting.

The new museum is completely free to all visitors and includes access for wheelchair users, there is also a lift, museum shop and cafe.

Leeds City Museum is located in the centre of the city, to the side of Millennium Square, opposite Leeds General Infirmary.

Leeds City Railway station is nearby and there are several car parks in the area.




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